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Stakeholder Engagement

Shaping our sustainability agenda

Domtar’s sustainability agenda benefits from regular interaction with our key stakeholders. Gathering diverse perspectives from our customers, employees, shareholders, communities and advocacy organizations provides us with insight and opportunities to recognize emerging trends and identify market expectations in a timely manner.

Since our last Sustainability Report was published in 2017, we have broadened our stakeholder engagement. These efforts included:

Conducting a survey of more than 100 stakeholders to rate the importance of various sustainability topics for coverage in our reporting. This exercise revealed the similarities and differences among our key stakeholder groups when prioritizing topics of greatest importance to them. The priority topics included economic performance, sustainable forestry, safety and security of facilities and property, responsible sourcing of raw materials, air quality, health and safety, climate change, equality, and inclusion and diversity.

Gathering information from our business partners to better understand consumer perceptions and behaviors related to the sustainability of our pulp, paper and personal care products. Results show that 71 percent of American consumers feel a responsibility to make their daily product purchase decisions in a way that positively impacts the environment and ensures a safe, healthy quality of life in their homes.* Household paper items and copy/printer paper are among the products consumers consider priorities when selecting goods that meet those goals. These drivers have fine-tuned the way we communicate to our B2B customers and consumers about the work we do to promote responsible forest management and manufacture our products as efficiently as possible.

Engaging with NGOs to understand their expectations from businesses on sustainability. This engagement has revealed that a company’s environmental performance is of primary importance as it shapes the public’s perception of the corporation.

Surveying our sales teams in our pulp, paper and personal care businesses regarding their customers’ interests in sustainability and our sustainability reporting materials. Results indicate changes we recently made to our sustainability reporting help them better engage customers on sustainability.

Discussing sustainability issues with our shareholders. These conversations have reinforced that Domtar’s approach to sustainability and sustainability reporting are aligned with their long-term investment goals.

Researching investor interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Domtar evaluated seven ESG rating and ranking firms to better understand opportunities to meet the evolving disclosure and reporting expectations for ESG issues. This work revealed ESG analysis is too often opaque, and that there are misleading inconsistencies between how rating and ranking firms judge a company’s sustainability performance. As a result of this consultation, Domtar is disclosing more information related to climate change, water management, inclusion and diversity, employee training and development, and raw material sourcing.

We believe the diversity of perspectives provided by our stakeholder engagement helps to shape our sustainability agenda and enables us to prepare a more relevant and useful report.