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and Logistics

Efficient distribution

We operate an efficient distribution network to move pulp, paper and personal care products using third-party truck, rail, intermodal and ocean vessel transport providers. Our priorities are to serve customers, manage costs and reduce environmental emissions.

We also support public policies that will improve truck efficiency by utilizing safer trucks with greater payloads. By equipping trucks with improved braking capacity and weight distribution that comes from installing an additional axle, truck operators would be able to utilize existing space in their trailers that they are currently required to leave empty. This will reduce truck traffic and emissions.

For bulkier, lighter-weight personal care products, we tend to reach truck volume capacity before weight capacity. For these products, we are focused on developing innovative packaging and loading patterns to get more products on a truck.

Domtar supports improving transportation efficiency through the expansion of ports and intermodal terminals.


  • Optimizing available transportation modes to move our products efficiently.
  • Maximizing truck and container volumes by optimizing product packaging and stacking arrangements.
  • Leveraging our network of strategically located manufacturing and distribution centers to efficiently serve customers with adaptable delivery solutions.


  • Convincing policymakers to reduce truck traffic and emissions by increasing truck weight limits where studies demonstrate no detriment to safety and infrastructure.
  • Getting railroads, ocean freight carriers, trucking companies and public entities to collaborate on developing and funding more intermodal opportunities.
  • Mitigating the uncertainties of cost and supply impacts from ocean freight carriers as the 2020 International Maritime Organization low-sulfur fuel standard is implemented.

When putting on weight is a good thing

Unlike their counterparts in Pulp and Paper, our logistics colleagues in Personal Care do not have a weight problem. Quite the opposite, they struggle to put it on. Optimizing transportation efficiency is a companywide objective, along with getting the most products in a trailer. While one business is weight constrained, the other has a space issue.

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A look at our modes of transportation

Pulp and Paper - 2018


Based on tons of product shipped.

Personal Care - 2018


Based on tons of product shipped.

Domtar has been a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay® Transport Partner program since 2015. The program is designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts from freight transport.


Our mill in Windsor, Quebec, serves a global export market. Customers appreciate the sustainability of the Windsor operation and the local forests that support it.

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When crisis brings opportunity

Our Marlboro Mill in Bennettsville, South Carolina, and our neighboring paper converting plant in Tatum, historically have moved most products bound for export to Europe by truck to the ports of Wilmington, North Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina.

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