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Transportation and Logistics

When Putting on Weight is a Good Thing

Unlike their counterparts in Pulp and Paper, our logistics colleagues in Personal Care do not have a weight problem. Quite the opposite, they struggle to put it on. Optimizing transportation efficiency is a companywide objective, along with getting the most products in a trailer. While one business is weight constrained, the other has a space issue.

Personal care products tend to be lightweight but bulky, the opposite of paper. The upside is that it is easy to fill a trailer and meet weight limits. The challenge is how to reach the allowable weight limit and maximize the amount of product that ships in each load. Our European plants have come up with yet another creative way to stack more products on a truck. And, as is often the case, the most cost-effective solutions tend to also deliver environmental benefits.

Our latest innovation is a new truck-stacking arrangement for shipping two product lines from our plant in Aneby, Sweden, to customers in Spain and Portugal. It eliminates a pallet from each stack and allows for another row of product to be stacked on the pallet.

Close cooperation between our product and packaging design, manufacturing, logistics and sales teams in Aneby and Toledo, Spain, working together with customers, made it all possible. The solution proved to be a win-win, resulting in lower costs, greater environmental benefits, and fewer trucks on the road.



Annual Environmental Benefits

17-20% more product on each truck

119,000 fewer truck miles traveled (or 5 trips around the Earth)

63,000 fewer liters of diesel fuel consumed

176 metric tons less greenhouse gas emissions