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Safety and

Keeping Our Employees Safe and Well

No production gain or business benefit is worth an injury. That is why we work relentlessly to physically eliminate hazards and minimize risk of injury. And it is why we promote a safety culture that reinforces the vigilance and accountability that help maintain the right behaviors. It is also why we link safety to our performance management systems.

We encourage new ideas. We look beyond traditional safety metrics, such as recordable injury rates that only reveal what has already happened. By using leading indicators, we can better identify and eliminate potential hazards before injuries occur.

We also empower and expect our employees and contractors to intervene when they witness unsafe behavior at work. This obligation is codified in our Right and Responsibility to Act policy.

According to 2016 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), far more individuals suffer from poor health than from workplace injuries. In the U.S., the top two leading causes of death are heart disease at 23 percent and cancer at 22 percent of total deaths. Accidents and injuries, including those at work, amounted to 6 percent of deaths.

This is why we also invest in well-being programs to help our colleagues establish and maintain healthy lifestyles. Good nutrition, regular physical activity, and mental health support can reduce the risk of death from chronic diseases, and can help prevent accidents and injuries at work and at home.

Active awareness and prevention programs are in place across our locations, supported by dedicated safety and well-being experts, industry-leading methods and tools, and our leadership teams.



  • Providing a safe workplace free of recognized hazards.
  • Engaging our employees in leading safety activities to help them anticipate and prevent potential incidents.
  • Identifying the underlying causes of workplace injuries to ensure our safety activities are addressing the right things.
  • Engaging our employees in realizing the benefits of healthy lifestyles, including a safer workplace.


  • Eliminating life-altering injuries and reducing the severity of injuries.
  • Regularly using leading indicators to improve the safety of our workplaces.
  • Getting all employees to keep safety top of mind – every day – at work and at home.
  • Convincing all employees to adopt healthy lifestyles.

A holistic approach to keeping our employees safe

As humans, we all make mistakes. Recognizing and dealing with this truth is at the core of Human Performance Improvement (HPI), an approach Domtar is using to stimulate new thinking and best-in-class performance in safety management.

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Contractor screening promotes safety

Contractors support our operations with valuable expertise and specialized services, working in our facilities and alongside our employees. That is why we expect them to meet our safety standards.

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Safety incidents by business area - 2018


Injury types - 2018*


Areas of body injured - 2018*


*Based on 73 recordable incidents.

Well Employees are Safer Employees

The connection between well-being and safety is a straight line. That is why Domtar’s well-being and safety initiatives go hand-in-hand in keeping our colleagues healthy and safe.

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