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Safety and Well-Being

Well Employees are Safer Employees

The connection between well-being and safety is a straight line. That is why Domtar’s well-being and safety initiatives go hand-in-hand in keeping our colleagues healthy and safe.

Our data and experience show that colleagues who are too tired to carry out their tasks properly or not feeling well because of stress and/or chronic health conditions, are more injury and accident-prone. They may also unintentionally place co-workers at risk. Having employees come to work physically, mentally and emotionally prepared can minimize these situations.

That is why our safety and well-being teams have made a conscious effort to better integrate their programs through shared objectives and incorporating well-being into safety training and discussions throughout the organization. These efforts include a focus on physical and emotional well-being as they are equally important to driving a safer work environment.

We recognize that lifestyle behaviors are a significant factor in overall health. Because of this, the mission of our well-being team is to promote healthy living.

Domtar’s well-being program is designed to encourage employees across the company to adopt healthy lifestyles – lose weight, manage stress and be more active. Incentive points are awarded for participation in well-being activities and can be redeemed for attractive rewards.

All employees have free access to an online platform and mobile application with tools and easy-to-use resources to help them set and obtain well-being goals. Employees can track health and fitness activities, get stress management support and obtain daily health tips customized to their interests.

We also have volunteer well-being champions in our offices and facilities who organize local activities and raise awareness of Domtar’s well-being program. This includes employee wellness challenges that offer friendly competition and encouragement.

We believe that promoting healthy lifestyles supports our long-term safety performance, and we continue to refine and expand our well-being program to get more employees to join and actively participate.

34% of our recordable injuries in 2018 WERE sprains and strains

These types of injuries can be reduced through well-being initiatives that lead to healthier employees.

One year after expanding our Well-Being Program to include mental and financial health, 43 percent of Domtar employees have joined and 62 percent of the participants are engaged in well-being activities at least monthly.