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Promoting the printed page through Powerful Pages

In today’s technology-driven world, we remain committed to the printed page and to promoting literacy among children. Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania, community leaders, students and the EarthChoice Ambassadors, worked together to develop, fund and dedicate the Domtar Learning Lounge at the Johnsonburg Area Junior Senior High School.

In 2012, Domtar sponsored the first of 12 Ben Carson Reading Rooms at the Johnsonburg Elementary School. It was such a success that, as students moved to junior and senior high school, they missed having a place dedicated to leisure reading. Students created a plan to renovate space within the school’s library to create a reading room and volunteers transformed the space.

Domtar funded a First Book Marketplace Grant, enabling the school to buy more than 450 books at a reduced rate. And, books printed on paper made at the Johnsonburg facility, as well as books that highlight Johnsonburg and the mill history, where also donated to the lounge.

Now, high school students can continue to enjoy a good book, in a reading space of their own.

Domtar partnered with First Book to transform the lives of children in need by making books and resources available to the educators and kids who need them most.

In 2018, Domtar collaborated with First Book to deliver a truck-full of books to Classroom Central, a Charlotte, North Carolina, non-profit which equips students in need by collecting and distributing free school supplies to their teachers. For the third year, volunteers from Domtar’s corporate offices in Fort Mill, South Carolina, unpacked, sorted and shelved the books, creating a bookstore and inviting teachers from Mecklenburg and York counties to “shop” for brand-new, free books for their schools and students.

Bring Comfort and Care to our communities

We proudly support Camp Blue Skies; an overnight camp for adults with disabilities. In 2018, Domtar volunteers worked with the camp to set up activities for campers, including zip lines, ropes courses, Frisbee games and post-lunch singalongs in the cafeteria.

Camp Blue Skies provides individuals with special needs a safe, friendly environment that can accommodate their physical and developmental challenges. The camp, which holds sessions in Georgia and North Carolina, works tirelessly to help serve a population that is largely underserved.

“It is always a privilege to be a part of the camp’s activities for a day,” said Kate Shupe, office supply team lead, who volunteers year after year. “I think I get more out of my visit with the campers than they do. It’s always such an inspiring day!”

Our Aneby EarthChoice Ambassador team partners with Sweden-based, Human Bridge, a non-profit organization that collects and distributes medical supplies for development, relief and social projects.

One hundred thirty-two metric tons of adult incontinence products, including protective underwear, briefs, bladder control pads and bed pads were donated in 2018.

“Human Bridge lets us know that our gifts make a difference for people in this world. Thank-you letters include photos and details on where our donations went,” said Fredrik Gustavsson, environmental specialist, who is the ECA captain and oversees the diaper donation program at the facility. “It’s rewarding to see the impact we can have.”

Domtar EarthChoice Ambassadors in action

Employees in Jesup, Georgia, partnered with first-grade teacher Kristyn May and James E. Bacon Elementary (JEB) to develop an outdoor classroom for the school’s garden project. The space is part of JEB’s Georgia Shape Grant initiatives promoting good nutrition and physical activity.

“The opportunity to work with a local school to build an outdoor classroom was a great fit to support Domtar’s sustainability and EarthChoice® programs. We love when we can support the kids in ways that nurture the environment and promote great health,” said Jesup's Kim Sumner, director of operations and development.

In May 2018, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) and more than 100 Domtar Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies’ employees and family members contributed more than 300 hours of service revitalizing Kirkwood Park in Olivette, Missouri, by weeding, mulching and clearing out invasive, overgrown honeysuckle.

In June 2018, with the help of SCA, 60 Domtar employees, families and friends, from the Dryden, Ontario, community, pitched in to make a local park a safe and welcoming community space. The relatively small park, nestled next to the local high school, once a neighborhood gathering place, had seen better days prior to local budget cuts. By the end of the day, all areas of the park were visible through the tree line. Local residents were pleased to see the improvements.

Domtar has partnered with the SCA in the United States and Canada since 2012, serving as a national supporter with financial contributions and as a local contributor through a series of community projects like the community service projects in Olivette and Dryden.